Why and What

The Hazard of Living Ltd. is a place of social emotional exploration. It is about speaking out and drawing others to present their full selves to each other in life. I believe the systems of the world function best when each of us knows we are of unique value and by extension every other person is of unique value. In this way we can work in each others interest.

The Hazard of Living Ltd. came about from my personal hell of trying to morph myself to fit pre existing constructs. The hazard of remaining the same became greater to me than the hazard of listening to my inner voice. The Hazard of Living Ltd. is the idea that adventure may bring the unexpected and the unpleasant but to remain “safe” will bring death long before I leave this world. I was focussed on trying to fit a mould of good, likeable or successful that was concocted in my head and this caused my satisfaction in life to deteriorate. The unique parts of myself were kept out of view from others and now I choose to explore those parts. I choose to celebrate those parts. The success is in the exploration. It’s about allowing my true self to influence what will happen on the outside and not the reverse.

This endeavour is about human interest. I believe many of us fall short of living who we are and by saying yes to ourselves can inspire other to do the same. The Hazard of Living Ltd. will offer expression through writing about experiences, interviewing others, styling, photography and modelling. Initially the focus is on topics of adventure experiences and mental health. I am writing from true and fearless places in myself. The message of fearless living also takes form through fashion. The way we dress, why and how it is interpreted is fascinating to me.


I am Tara Starr the Director of The Hazard of Living Ltd. I have 8 years of background in the fashion industry. I hold a diploma in Fashion Design. From the age of 17 I began experiencing and learning first hand the effects of mental health issues. My varied positions in the workforce the past 10 years have also afforded me a unique view into interpersonal relations.


The Hazard of Living Ltd. is based in Calgary, AB




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