Singing Update

It was an experience. I didn’t feel ready to write about it when I made the last simple update post. I stayed open and mostly calm before singing. There were several kind people to talk with. They had stories, helpful tips and encouragement.  One woman recited her open hearted poetry while another man next to me spoke of her talent. When my turn to sing came the host talked with me letting me know and kindly set up the stage. I remembered the words through a few starts and stops. I stood stiffly and could feel myself shaking the whole time while staring mostly to one empty spot in the room. Those aspects of the experience were there, but they weren’t the important part. I knew I liked the song and I believe I sang it decently at home. I’d love to have sung perfectly and wowed the audience with my passion but this day just singing it was enough.The best part was the people. They were all talented unique and there was so much kindness. Someone complimented me that she’d love me to sing her to sleep, there were thanks and a ” you did it “. It was a gift to be in this room with these people.